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Color Coded Kids® (CCK) is an interactive, educational and fun classroom designed to teach kids as early as 7 years old how-to code! Our courses are led by instructors from leading corporations. CCK was established in 2016. It was designed to develop, nurture, and create an early interest in the technology sector.

The classroom setting focuses on the fundamentals of programming while ensuring the environment is interactive, educational and fun. CCK helps kids to develop a love for technology at an early age to ultimately increase the talent pool of qualified candidates in technology related careers. Our vision is to teach every kid, regardless of income, how to code. Our mission is to increase the pipeline of diverse talent in tech fields. 

Color Coded Kids
Industry Experts Lead Our Courses

Our industry-trained software developers love what they do for a living! Now they want to teach your child this highly sought after skill! Sign up for our virtual courses and learn how to code video games, create apps and more.

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