Color Coded Kids Presents COHN Academy Summer Camp 2023

Are you looking for a summer camp to learn coding and other STEM related activities? Well the COHN Academy Camp is for you!

Color Coded Kids, in partnership with The Whitfield Foundation For Success to provide a full day summer camps for youth entering and completing 4th, 5th, and 6th grades (see below for weeks).

The COHN (Create, Overcome, Heal & Navigate obstacles in life) Academy will feature a variety of STEAM related activities for the students including:

· Application development - learn to code 3 computer languages

· Music - art of making music from an industry professional

· Financial Literacy - money, credit, savings, stocks and more

· Therapeutic Painting - focuses on mental health

· Career Exploration - meet professionals from various industries

And so much more - guest speakers, impromptu activities that stimulate the brain and keep the students engaged throughout

Please sign up by selecting the week you would like to attend. Space is limited so register TODAY.

Who Can Attend: Boys & Girls

Ages: Students ages 8-14

Where: 2631 Gravois Ave, St. Louis, MO 63118

Time: Monday through Friday 9:00am - 4pm

Color Coded Kids

Color Coded Kids® (CCK) is an interactive, educational and fun classroom designed to teach kids as early as 7 years old how-to code! Our courses are led by instructors from leading corporations. CCK was established in 2016. It was designed to develop, nurture, and create an early interest in the technology sector.

The classroom setting focuses on the fundamentals of programming while ensuring the environment is interactive, educational and fun. CCK helps kids to develop a love for technology at an early age to ultimately increase the talent pool of qualified candidates in technology related careers. Our vision is to teach every kid, regardless of income, how to code. Our mission is to increase the pipeline of diverse talent in tech fields. 

Our industry-trained software developers love what they do for a living! Now they want to teach your child this highly sought after skill! Sign up for our virtual courses and learn how to code video games, create apps and more.

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